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Straight Furrow


This is a page dedicated to the band 'Straight Furrow'

I am aware that there is still a following for the music that Straight Furrow created and hope that this website will attract fans of our work and hopefully they will enjoy some of my new music too !


 the furrows

Listen to the track James Finlayson's from Free Time 


Straight Furrow were based in Mid-Norfolk and we performed and eclectic mix of original music woven through with a traditional feel. Celtic aires, Jigs, Polkas and Reels, English Folk, Rock and Blues all found there way into Straight Furrow's music.


The original line up of Straight Furrow was Jon, Colin Clegg, Susan and Julian Blackmore.

I was invited to join the band as guitarist in 1997, after Julian decided to leave and Colin left in 1998 to persue other projects which left the three of us to become the Straight Furrow known and loved on our albums.

sfurrowfreetime sfurrowgetbreathbacksfurrowmovingon


"Get your breath back" was the first album.

A straightforward production featuring a selection of beautiful lyrical waltzes and roaring dance tunes.

The album was immediately popular and inspired the second album, "Free Time"

"Free Time" still included many traditional tracks but it also introduced my own compositions.

At the 'Just Plain Folks Awards' In 2004 Straight Furrow won "Best Celtic Album" for "Free Time" and I personally won "Best Celtic Instrumental Song" for "Weeting Fair"

We then moved on to the third and final Straight Furrow album "Moving On" which again featured lots of my original material mixed up with  some traditional dance tunes.


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Tragically Jon Leff died and the Straight Furrow years ended.

Please click here for a tribute to Jon Leff


I did produce one more album with Susan Williams, "Two Steps Back",which you can find on the 'New Material' Section of this website.


Just Plain Folks 2004


As well as continuing to write and record new music, I am planning to re-visit some of the old favourites with some old and new friends. I will also be releasing some previously unheard recordings.

Once this is completed it will be here that you will find out about it all, so keep watching !! 


Our Straight Furrow Albums and Tracks are currently available all over the internet, although some I've come across are in fact miscredited as, "traditional" !!

Just to set the record straight, the tracks written by me are :-


Weeting Fair - Free Time

Old Pier Railway - Free Time

Hills (road to Mountain Ash & Folly on the hill) - Free Time

Two Minutes Piece - Free Time

Gallows Hill - Free Time

Longlands - Free Time

James Finlayson's - Free Time


Corner House Waltz - Moving On

Southend-on-Sea - Moving On

The Wherryboat - Moving On

General Monk - Moving On

Lawnmover Rag - Moving On

No Change - Moving On



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