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Norfolk Pieces for Guitar


As I grew up there seemed to be lots of Acoustic, folk based music on chldrens TV programmes, Camberwick Green, Trumpton, Chigley, Bagpuss, The Herbs and of course Ralph McTell's Alphabet Zoo !

I always loved the music and when I started teaching Guitar I discovered composers like Gerard Monteuil, Peter Nuttall and John Whitworth and was transported back to my childhood. 

I started writing and arranging solo guitar pieces in the 1990's. I've always been interested by the fact that a solo guitar piece can produce a strong image in the mind, of the place or subject in the piece. My own pieces are firmly rooted in exact Norfolk settings or activities, to attempt to capture a moment in time, or the feeling of being in that place.

The pieces themselves are often simple and repetitive, I love writing these pieces and then learning to play them. One day I hope to compile them all into a book, the first six pieces are available now.


 Norfolk Pieces for Guitar

Please click on the title of the piece for a link to the original music scores

Below each one is an audio file of my solo recording of each piece played on a nylon strung Guitar.


1) The Corner House Waltz


A Dance tune, first played at the Corner House Bar, in the tiny harbour village of Wells-Next-the-Sea



2) Tipping at Windmills



Along the banks of the Norfolk Broads, the derelict wind pumps command the waters no more; at Thurne, the mill tower is built into the ancient abbey ruins



3) Two Minutes Piece

 Norfolk Sky

 As Clouds drift across a vast open sky.



4) Longlands


 (Photograph taken by a good friend, Lucy Yates - http://lucyyatesphotography.wix.com/lyphotography

A lost medieval village, one of two removed to make way for a single deer park - back in the good old days.  



5) Weeting Fair


On the edge of Thetford Forrest, a fields length beyond the sleepy Churchyard, the moated ruins of Weeting Castle lie stranded in a sea of quiet farmland.



6) Last Orders at the Bar


A piece for closing time.


In the shop section you can buy copies of the scores for each of these pieces individually, or I have compilied all 6 into a booklet with a CD of the pieces

All scores will be printed onto quality paper and hand initialled by me.