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New and Solo Material

This page will be where you can find my new material


My Dad filmed our family holidays in the late 60's, early 70's with his wind up 8mm projector. I am in the process of setting all these silent films to music as a part of sharing the family archive and I was quite pleased with this early experiment. 
The tune is called, "Cringleford Calypso" because that's where I was when I wrote it !
I Don't know where this one was filmed but you will note that the zoo animals feature more than we do, this was one of dads film trademarks, along with wildlife and landscapes. We do also make an appearance, that's me on the slide !
Please note that this film is nearly 50 years old and thankfully animal welfare has imroved since then, if however you are concerned about this issue, please vote out our 19th century inspired government when you get the chance to prevent them persecuting any more Badgers and Foxes !! X



More family Cine film footage, this time it's of the Bluebell Railway in East Sussex and filmed by my Dad in the early 1970's. We do appear in this one a bit, the lady with me at the beginning is my Welsh Grandmother, Selina May Phillips. The music on this one is called, "The Bure Valley Waltz", a tune I eventually got around to recording last year !



Family Cine film footage - this time it's Sheringham Station on the North Norfolk Railway and Wakes Colne on the Stour Valley Railway, Essex, both from the early 1970's. The music is called "Steam Waltz", i wrote this piece with Sheringham station in mind and recorded it in 2006 with Susan Williams.



I've been busy playing in the last two years, and although I have been writing music I haven't recorded until recently. - Here is my latest instrumental piece (7th June 2016) A Guitar Duet - A Study in Open Strings






websiteguitar 003_edited-2







Two Steps Back - Straight Furrow II




An Album composed by me with one traditional number, and played with Straight Furrow band member Susan Williams. Here is the track 'Time and Tide' from that album





Time and Tide - Brian Eade solo




This was my first official Solo album, accompanied by Mark Fawcett and Susan Williams on a few tracks. All tracks are composed by me.

Here is my most famous track, originally recorded with Straight Furrow but played solo here - It's Weeting Fair.




Happy Now - Brian Eade solo



Happy Now is my latest Solo album. Composed entirely by me and performed solo with backing by Mark Fawcett. Recording and Production of the Cd was by Mark Fawcett.

 This is an instrumental track called 'Stiffkey Blues

P.S;  A "Stiffkey Blue", is the type of cockle found in Stiffkey and it's NOT pronounced "Stewkey" !!



 As well as my solo career don't forget to check out what I am doing with 





Don't Spook the Horse                  spookhorse



Cutting the Mustard                     cutting the mustard